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2015 Third Republican presidential candidates debate run by CNBC in Boulder, Colorado
2015 Research indicating Plague dates back to the Bronze age in skeletons 5,783 years old, published by University of Copenhagen team in "Cell"
2015 Longest ever 1st game of Baseball World Series (5h 9min), Kansas City Royals defeat New York Mets 5-4, also joint longest by innings
2015 World Heath Organization ranks Tuberculosis alongside HIV as world's deadliest infectious diseases, killing 1.2 million (2014)
2014 Kansas City Royals defeat the San Francisco Giants 10–0 in the 6th game to tie the 2014 World Series 3-3
2012 Sebastian Vettel wins the 2012 Formula One Indian Grand Prix
2012 Syrian ceasefire collapses and 128 people are killed in ongoing civil war violence
2012 15 people are killed and 33 injured by a series of Baghdad car bombings
2012 MLB World Series: San Francisco Giants defeat the Detroit Tigers to win 4-0
2012 Pablo Sandoval is named MLB 2012 World Series MVP.
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