Cameron Furniss - age: 28

Cameron Furniss

West Virginia
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Best known by the name Emery Lane, he is a fashion and graphic designer who also models and acts on the side. He is the owner and a fashion designer for Volvionn, a high quality fashion corporation and retailer.He has worked with the bands Prom Night in Black and White, Stereo Skyline, What looks like Crazy, To the Floor, and Pop Country singer-songwriter Katie Akins. Before he was 16, he had already traveled to 43 states, half of Mexico, the Cayman Islands, Sydney/Melbourne/Perth Australia, and Bali, IndonesiaHe is the merchandise designer for singer Lillie McCloud. Together they collaborated in a cross advertising contest.


Growing up, he always knew he was supposed to do something important and something bigger than himself. He later began to help teens with depression and teach others how to live more positive even in the worst of times.


He was born in Fairmont and raised in a town called Grafton, West Virginia until he was 6 years old. He then moved to Florida and started traveling all over the world. He has 3 older brothers Chasen, Cortney, Colby, and 1 older sister named Crystal, parents Cheryl and Donald.


Fashion Designer Cameron Furniss were born on Wednesday, in a leap year, birthstone is Emerald, the seaon was Spring in the Chinese year of Monkey, it is 113 days until Cameron Furniss next birthday.

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