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Appearing on the list of 100 most influential people by Time in 2006, Ramón Luis Ayala Rodríguez, usually called by his stage name Daddy Yankee, is a talented singer, composer, actor and producer from Puerto Rico. He rose to fame internationally with album El due to successful singles Latigazo, Son Las Doce, Guayando, etc. That album Barrio Fino released earned Yankee various awards and nomination such as Lo Nuestro Awards, Latin Billboard, Latin Grammy, and MTV Video Music Awards. Since his first album release, Yankee has had more than 18 million albums sold.


Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Yankee’s first intention is becoming a basketball player but an injury in his leg broke his dream. He also displayed his interest in music and began rhyming and singing at the age of 13. He released the first official studio project No Mercy as a solo singer in 1995. With two albums El Cartel (1997) and El Cartel II (2001), Yankee received much success in his country but still not drawing attraction in around Latin America until releasing album El in 2002.


He got married to Mireddys Gonzalez in 1994 and the couple have three children, including 2 sons and a daughter.

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I know how to read people. When you grow up in a rough environment, you have to have a sixth sense.


Singer, composer, actor, producer Daddy Yankee were born on Thursday, birthstone is Amethyst, the seaon was Winter in the Chinese year of Snake, it is 32 days until Daddy Yankee next birthday.

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