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Daisy Jessica Edgar-Jones (born 24 May 1998) is a British actress. She is best known for her role as Marianne in the miniseries Normal People, which earned her Critics' Choice and Golden Globe Award nominations. She appeared on British Vogue's 2020 list of influential women. Her other television roles include Cold Feet and War of the Worlds.


When 21-year-old actress Daisy Edgar-Jones found out she had landed the role of Marianne, one of two main characters in the highly anticipated BBC and Hulu film adaptation of Sally Rooney's bestseller Normal People, she was lying on her bed. flat in London, alone. "All my roommates were away on business, and I couldn't tell anyone," she says. "So I phoned my parents and then I had to be on edge, with no one to vent my joy with."

At the time, she was in that apartment, it was mid-April, she had just spent a month of voluntary isolation due to COVID-19and there were only a couple of weeks left before the premiere of the series. It should arrive in Italy towards the end of May.

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Daisy Edgar-Jones has never been afraid to assume her floral name. “I feel like a daisy,” she explained during a Quick Zoom call on Sunday morning. “When I was in school, I believed in fairies very much. And since my name is Daisy and these flowers look like fairies, I always thought I was one.”


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