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Hong Chau (born in 1979) is a Vietnamese-American actor. Hong Chau is known to the audience as the second female lead in the science fiction film Downsizing (2017) as Tran Ngoc Lan, a political activist who has lost a leg. For this role, she was nominated for many awards for best-supporting actress. Before the movie Downsizing, she also participated in the American television series Treme (2010-2013) and the film Inherent Vice (2014).

Hong Chau's parents are Vietnamese refugees who lived in a refugee camp in Thailand after leaving Vietnam in the late 1970s. Then, a Vietnamese Catholic church in the city of New Orleans in the state. Louisiana, USA sponsored her family to move to New Orleans. Born in New Orleans, Hong Chau majored in film at Boston University and later pursued a career in acting.


One of Hong Chau's official roles was in the American TV series Treme (2010-2013), filmed in New Orleans. Her first movie role was in the movie Inherent Vice (2014). A year after the role, she could not find another chance to audition. In 2015, Hong Chau appeared as the main actor in the play John adapted a Broadway work of the same name by author Annie Baker. Hong Chau always considers this a valuable experience to hone her acting skills. She was later given a supporting role in the HBO short TV series Big Little Lies alongside Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon. She took on a supporting role in the movie Downsizing (2017) with her co-star Matt Damon and received many positive reviews considering it as a role that shined the most in the film. Some other critics have said that the character Tran Ngoc Lan played by Hong Chau is a kind of "Asian stereotype" because of the kind of babbling English she played in the film. However, Hong Chau considered her character "very multifaceted, complex and her character's image was beautifully choreographed".


Hong Chau's parents were one of the Vietnamese boat people who left Vietnam in 1979 when her mother was 6 months pregnant with her. Then Hong Chau was born in a refugee camp in Thailand. A Catholic church in New Orleans, Louisiana arranged for a Vietnamese family that had settled here (without a relationship) to sponsor Hong Chau and her family to come to America. Hong Chau speaks Vietnamese at home and then she learns English at school. She is one of three children in the family, her parents do manual labor to raise and ensure the children can attend University / College in the future. Hong Chau said her family at that time needed a lot of community help, and she also needed support during the lunches when she attended public school. Entering college, she thanks Pell Grants, a policy of financial aid for underprivileged students in the university/college. Hong Chau said her parents are often ignored because they are Asian immigrants with a strong English accent in Vietnamese. She said: "I always feel more accepted than my parents. My parents always stand behind, or hide in a corner." Hong Chau grew up in the eastern city of New Orleans. There, she attended Eleanor McMain Middle School and Ben Franklin High School. She graduated from the Louisiana School of Mathematics - Science, and Arts in Natchitoches, Louisiana.


Movie actress Hong Chau were born on Monday, birthstone is Pearl, the seaon was Summer in the Chinese year of Goat, it is 81 days until Hong Chau next birthday.

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