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As a singer and music artist in Canada, Jessie Reyez has constantly created products that sound music attractive and made fans spellbound since the audience known for singles platinum "Figures" in 2016 In 2017, she released her first mini-album "Kiddo", and just a year later with her second mini-album "Being Human In Public", the singer was nominated at the prestigious Grammy Awards. To date, Jessie Reyez's music has attracted more than a billion streams worldwide. The tours and popular festivals with her participation attract a large number of passionate and loyal fans.


Before Love Came to Kill Us - Jessie Reyez's newly released album contains 14 tracks representing the burgeoning singing career of the young Canadian singer. Of these, only two songs on the album are collaborations with other artists. They are “Coffin” featuring male rapper Eminem and “Imported” with 6LACK. The album is created by a combination of honest, intimate lyrics and intimate storytelling, thereby giving the audience a more detailed look at the emotional experiences caused by love, loss, religion, and love.


Jessie Reyez chose music to express her opinion of what the migration crisis has been doing to people: “The government wants us to break up.” Jessie Reyez spoke out about current US immigration policies through the MV for her latest song "Far Away" which was released on Friday (October 4). If you've heard the audio for the first time, you'll think Jessie Reyez's "Far Away" is a sweet, sentimental love song about a long-distance couple. However, only when you watch the MV of this song do you realize that the political and social tension has been cleverly hidden by the female singer in the gentle lyrics.


Singer Jessie Reyez were born on Wednesday, birthstone is Pearl, the seaon was Spring in the Chinese year of Goat, it is 161 days until Jessie Reyez next birthday.

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