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Born on August 3, 1963 in Silver Spring, Maryland, USA, Walter rose to fame as an American actress, comedian, writer and film producer. Her appearance was known in such films as the 1998 version of The Parent Trap, Bruce Almighty, Shall We Dance, and War of the Worlds. She also created and starred in the short-lived 1996-1997 sitcom, Life's Work, as well as a judge on ABC's reality series The Next Best Thing: Who Is The Greatest Celebrity Impersonator ?.Her charity in a celebrity edition of The Weakest Link also brought her a victory.


As a high-achieving student , Wilter was always the class clown. When She was in elementary school , her parents divorced. Afterthat, Wilter attended Montgomery Blair High School, Silver Spring, Maryland, and finally studied drama at the Catholic University of American under the tutelage of the renowned Father Gilbert Hartke. She began to appear in various regional and dinner theater productions.While performing in "A Streetcar Named Desire ", Wilter met her future spouse, Sam Baum.


Walter resides in Los Angeles with four children , including son Jordan, daughter Delia ( from her previous marriage to Sam Baum), and twin boys Simon and Spencer. He is the friend of Elaine Hendrix and still remains a good friendship with Simon Kunz, who portrayed her love interest in The Parent Trap. Moreover, she performs every year with Rosa Blasi in the breast cancer awareness charity event.

The meaning of the name Walter: Army Ruler

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When my marriage broke up... I had just put on 45 pounds for my Shall We Dance? character. I had to eat 10,000 calories a day just to put on weight while training with Tony Dovolani. I basically stayed in bed for a six-month rotation of depression naps. Dance helped me lose the weight.



Movie actress Lisa Ann Walter were born on Saturday, birthstone is Peridot, the seaon was Summer in the Chinese year of Rabbite, it is 213 days until Lisa Ann Walter next birthday.

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