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Saddam Hussein

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Dictator and President of Iraq who came to power in 1979. He was executed in 2006 for his role in the 1982 murders of nearly 150 Iraqi Shi'ite Muslims.He brought the Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party to power in Iraq.George W. Bush and Tony Blair once accused him of hiding weapons of mass destruction.


He attended law school in Iraq for three years.


With his wife and cousin, Sajida Talfah, he had five children.

Historical Events in the Life of Saddam Hussein

1979-7-16 Premier/pres al-Bakr of Iraq is succeeded by Saddam Hussein
1979-8-8 Iraqi President Saddam Hussein executes 22 political opponents
1980-9-30 Iran rejects a truce call from Iraqi President Saddam Hussein
1980-11-9 Iraqi President Saddam Hussein declares holy war against Iran
1986-8-2 Saddam Hussein offers peace in open letter to Iran
1990-8-12 Iraqi President Saddam Hussein says he is ready to resolve Gulf crisis if Israel withdraws from occupied territories
1990-8-29 Saddam Hussein declares America can't beat Iraq
1990-9-5 Iraqi President Saddam Hussein urges Arabs to rise against the West
1990-9-21 Reports that US refinery problems will lead to a loss in capacity and aggressive remarks by Saddam Hussein send crude prices to new highs
1990-9-24 Saddam Hussein states his willingness to strike first and his intention to damage oil fields in the region if Iraq does strike
1990-9-25 Saddam Hussein warns that US will repeat Vietnam experience
1990-10-9 Saddam Hussein threatens to hit Israel with a new missile
1990-11-20 Saddam Hussein announces plans to release German hostages
1990-12-7 Iraqi parliment endorses Saddam Hussein's decision to free hostages
1990-12-24 Saddam Hussein says Israel will be Iraq's 1st target
1991-1-7 Saddam Hussein prepares his troops for what he says will be a long violent war against the US
1991-1-17 Operation Desert Storm begins against Saddam Hussein
1991-2-28 United Nations troops move into Kuwait City and Saddam Hussein orders troops out of Kuwait; Iraqi soldiers ignite Kuwaiti oil fields during their retreat
2002-11-8 Iraq disarmament crisis: UN Security Council Resolution 1441 - The United Nations Security Council unanimously approves a resolution on Iraq, forcing Saddam Hussein to disarm or face "serious consequences".
2002-11-16 Iraqi President Saddam Hussein says that he had to accept UN Resolution 1441 because the United States and Israel had shown their "claws and teeth" and declared unitlateral war on the Iraqi people
2003-4-7 U.S. troops capture Baghdad; Saddam Hussein's regime falls two days later.
2003-12-13 Former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein is captured near his home town of Tikrit (see Operation Red Dawn).
2003-12-14 President George W. Bush announces the capture of Saddam Hussein.
2005-10-19 Saddam Hussein goes on trial in Baghdad for crimes against humanity.
2006-11-5 Saddam Hussein, former president of Iraq, and his co-defendants Barzan Ibrahim al-Tikriti and Awad Hamed al-Bandar are sentenced to death in the al-Dujail trial for the role in the massacre of the 148 Shi'as in 1982.

The meaning of the name Hussein: Handsome One

Famous Quotes
Allah is on our side. That is why we will beat the aggressor.


Criminal Saddam Hussein were born on Wednesday, birthstone is Diamond, the seaon was Spring in the Chinese year of Ox, it is 117 days until Saddam Hussein next birthday.

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