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Sam Pepper

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Being well known as a competitor on the 11th season of the Big Brother, Sam Pepper is a YouTube prankster, Vlogger and web video star, who uses his internet celebrity to perform across the US & UK. He came to the attention of audience with his sense of humor performed in the show The Big Brother and was generally considered as a very antagonistic person. Sam Pepper started a Youtube channel and created comedy videos such as The Debassion show, living a care-free life and doing many wild and exciting things throughout the country with the aim of entertaining his viewers. Currently he has over 200,000 followers on Twitter and more than 30,000 subscribers on Youtube.


Before uploading his first video on Youtube in 2010, he was a graffiti artist who was awarded Student Of The Year for art whilst still at school. The young Pepper experienced a lot of jobs in many countries such as a clown in Malaysia, dismantling tents in Italy... However, his biggest dream is to succeed in film and photography so he started making comedy videos, starting a Youtube channel, interviewing people on the streets or at particular events.


He himself has a close relationship with his sister.

The meaning of the name Pepper: Hot Spice


Sam Pepper were born on Sunday, birthstone is Aquamarine, the seaon was Spring in the Chinese year of Snake, it is 73 days until Sam Pepper next birthday.

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