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William Tecumseh Sherman

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Union general who took command of the western theater of the American Civil War in 1867. He is best known for implementing his scorched earth policies which burned down Atlanta towards the end of the war.He has been called the 'first modern general' for his actions during the Civil War.Like Sherman, Thomas Stonewall Jackson was also an active part of the Civil War.


He attended the prestigious West Point Military Academy before entering the Army as a second lieutenant in the 3rd U.S. Artillery


His brothers, Charles Taylor Sherman and John Sherman, became prominent politicians.

Historical Events in the Life of William Tecumseh Sherman

1862-12-29 Battle of Chichasaw Bayou: confederate armies defeat General William T. Sherman
1863-4-30 -5/1] Battle of Snyder's Bluff, Virginia (part of the Vicksburg Campaign of the American Civil War): General Sherman beaten by Confederate forces
1864-1-14 General Sherman begins his march to the South
1864-5-6 US Civil war: General Sherman begins advance to Atlanta Georgia
1864-9-2 Union General William T. Sherman captures and burns Atlanta during US Civil War
1864-11-15 Union Major General Sherman leaves Atlanta on the "March to the Sea"
1864-11-16 Union General William T. Sherman begins march to sea during Civil War
1864-12-10 General Sherman's armies reach Savannah & 12 day siege begins
1864-12-21 General Sherman conquers Savannah, Georgia
1865-2-1 General Sherman's march through South Carolina begins
1865-3-11 General William T. Sherman's Union forces occupies Fayetteville, NC
1865-3-23 General Sherman/Cox' troops reach Goldsboro NC
1865-4-18 Confederate Gen Johnson surrendered to General William T. Sherman in North Carolina
1871-5-17 Indian fighter General William T. Sherman escapes Comanches in an ambulance

The meaning of the name Sherman: Cloth Cutter


Politician William Tecumseh Sherman were born on Tuesday, in a leap year, birthstone is Amethyst, the seaon was Winter in the Chinese year of , it is 33 days until William Tecumseh Sherman next birthday.

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