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Xuan Dieu is a poet widely regarded as a colossal figure in modern Vietnamese literature with 450 poems. His works were known for glorifying love and life while grieving the passing time and the precariousness of life. He shot to fame with his 2 collections Poetry poem in 1938 and Perfume Flies with the Wind in 1945. He was known mostly for his romantic poems. His most popular works were written during 1936-1944. After joining Viet Minh in 1945, his poet shifted to praise Ho Chi Minh and the Communist Party of Vietnam. Beside poems, he also wrote several short stories, numerous notes, essays and literacy criticism. Xuan Dieu passed away in 18/12/1985.


Xuan Dieu was the son of Ngo Xuan Tho, a teacher, and Nguyen Thi Hiep. He had a degree in agricultural engineering and worked in My Tho as an official before moving to Hanoi to become a writer. He obtained his degree in law in 1943 and used to write for Ngay Nay and Tien Phong newspaper.


Xuan Dieu married Bach Diep but they divorced without any child. After his divorce, he remained single until his death in 1985. He is the god father of Cu Huy Ha Vu, son of his best friend, Huy Can.


Poet Xuan Dieu were born on Wednesday, in a leap year, birthstone is Amethyst, the seaon was Winter in the Chinese year of Dragon, it is 30 days until Xuan Dieu next birthday.

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