April 20 Horoscope
  1. About

    An Aries born specifically on April 20 is defined as friendly, loyal and thoughtful with higher degrees of patience than other rams. Under the influence of the Moon, you are naturally very intuitive and innovative. Your rich imagination and creative mind give you an interest in the adventure and an appreciation of art and music. You are flexible and good at planning, so when begin something you set goal to finish it but will refuse to be rushed. You have another strength is the collectiveness, which is very helpful in management position or while parenting.


  2. Personal relationships

    An individual born on April 20 tends to prefer being seduced rather than being seducer. When young, you seem to be quite romantic but as you mature your standard of perfection become more realistic. In long-term relationship, you look for a person who could satisfy you both physically and emotionally, which can cause you to be more possessive towards your partner and almost confusingly demanding at times.

  3. Career and finances

    As an Aries born on April 20, managing finance and saving are your gift, so others seldom see you get stuck in problems related to money. Your nature is well fitted for a variety of jobs, for example, your high responsibility and calm are best suitable for business, politics and advertising, while your social understanding might help you distinguished in teaching, media or negotiating. However, due to your high demand of a comfortable lifestyle, you will surely choose the highest position matching your abilities.



  4. Lucky numbers

    2, 6

  5. Lucky colors

    Silver, Scarlet


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