April 25 Horoscope
  1. About

    As an Taurus born on Apri 25, you are intelligent, imaginative, charming and able to mingle easily in any social circle. The ruling planet of this day is Neptune, giving you with a creative mind and an optimistic personality. You love new experiences and challenges both physically and mentally. Your sharpness makes you an opportunity catcher, so the success come to you quite naturally.




  2. Personal relationships

    Being an Taurus born on April 25, you are charming and thoughtful. You have a strong desire to be love and share romantic feeling. In a long term relationship you can be surprisingly affectionate and enthusiastically passionate. However you can be prone to moodiness if feeling misjudged or unappreciated. A perfect soul mate will naturally understand these dual sides in your temperament and share your interests. Once seriously committed to someone,  you would be devoted, loyal and faithful, regarding them the centre of your attentiveness.

  3. Career and finances

    To an individual born on April 25, choosing career path is an important matter requiring serious consideration. You are naturally drawn to one occupation that is ideally progressive and challenging with an agreeable payment. Your desire for stability and security in life make you very careful with money. You are intelligent enough to balance the earnings and spendings on your own, however, sometimes you should listen to the advice or accept the assistance from others.



  4. Lucky numbers

    2, 7



  5. Lucky colors

    Blue, Green


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