December 1 Horoscope
  1. About

    People born on December 1 are extremely energetic. Unhindered by convention, they express themselves freely and delight in surprising others with their outrageous wit and seducing them with their charm. Any attempts to restrict their freedom will simply have the effect of spurring them along their idiosyncratic path with renewed enthusiasm and determination. They are usually quite practical, flexible and compromising yet also a tad idealistic and outspoken. Fairly self confident with sharp natural instincts make them prefer to do things in their own way and be outdoors rather than indoors.


  2. Personal relationships

    In their teens and twenties, people born on December 1 may feel a bit shy when it comes to affairs of the heart. But when they hit their thirties and beyond they come into their physical prime as charismatic, fun-loving and uninhibited lovers. When in a close relationship they can be generous and supportive, but they need to be careful that they aren’t too busy to give those they love the time they deserve.

  3. Career and finances

    The great imagination and initiative bestowed to a person born on the first of December makes them usually full of ambition with a striving to do well in their chosen career. Their resourceful inventive spirit craves a varied occupation where they feel valued for their contribution. They are fun-loving and will really enjoy working with the general public and undertaking any project of special importance or difficulty. Care with finances and a keenness for saving ensures they will rarely have problems in this area. Money comes and goes easily as they tend to be lucky financially but they refuse to let their current bank balance impact on their overall happiness.

  4. Lucky numbers

    1, 4

  5. Lucky colors

    Purple, blue, orange


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