December 4 Horoscope
  1. About

    Under the influence of planet Uranus, people born on 4th December tend to be relaxed and easygoing yet very ambitious, adaptable and determined. In all matters of life, you are assertive and honest. You do not hesitate to let others know what you want and once you set a goal, you will work tirelessly to achieve it. However, you have trouble sticking to one interest, since there are too many different subjects that you find appealing.

  2. Personal relationships

    For a Sagittarius born on the fourth day of December, a perfect soul mate must break through your emotional guard to gain your complete trust and share your desire for a secure home. Honest, charming and caring, you are inclined to put your partner before yourself. It might be difficult for you to open up and talk over your worries but you will be a loyal and devoted best friend as well as a lover. Your weakness is that when you are feeling at all insecure, betrayed or unloved you usually quickly become bored and restless.

  3. Career and finances

    To a person born on 4 December, the energetic nature makes job choice quite easy. You are supposed to possess an analytical mind and a talent for problem solving along with a passion for electronic gadgets. These abilities and interest urge you to be capable of getting success in most fields. However, you are not very good at managing your money and sometimes bump into financial problems. As you mature, you should become less careless at spending and cleverer at saving.

  4. Lucky numbers

    7, 4

  5. Lucky colors

    Blue , silver 


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