December 6 Horoscope
  1. About

    People born specifically on the 6th of December are believed to be cheerful, sincere and frank. Under the influence of ruling planet Venus, you are fairly sociable with an optimistic outlook for life. You are inclined to be pragmatic, ambitious and extremely wonderful at organizing and welcoming of a challenge. However, you are a little bit impatient and intolerant at times.


  2. Personal relationships

    The person born on the sixth day of December is typically fascinated with love and unable to be happy without a soul mate. A perfect partner should be equally intellectually and physically attractive in order to keep your interest in a lifelong relationship. If feeling unloved, you are likely to be somewhat agitated and moody.


  3. Career and finances

    As a Sagittarius born on 6 December, you often carry your mediating ability into adulthood. This makes you excellent lawyers, judges, and corporate executives. A talent for making money usually keeps your income steady and helps fund your typified longing for a luxurious lifestyle. Any financial investments you make, especially regarding property or transport, you would harvest fortunate and profitable outcomes.


  4. Lucky numbers

    6, 9


  5. Lucky colors

    Blue, pink



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