December 28 Horoscope
  1. About

    Born on 28 December, you are anticipated to be energetic, creative and communicative but also quite serious and a bit reserved. The ruling astrological planet for this particular day is our Sun making you to be rather purposeful, confident, wise and fairly self-sufficient. You are usually great at establishing strong partnerships, really like to be appreciated and are not afraid to ask for the assistance of others if needed.


  2. Personal relationships

    For a person born on 28 December, you typically have a good understanding of yourself through personal relationships. You tend to strongly seek emotional support and security and may marry early for this reason. You could be a little grumpy when feeling insecure but you are usually at your happiest when in a romance with a caring and devoted soul mate.


  3. Career and finances

    Fortunately, your natural abilities make you well suited for a variety of careers. Your intelligence and determination may lead you to a career in research, writing or media. Similarly, your hardworking and patient nature may perfectly fit for business, self-employment or politics. If the world of entertainment is too appealing, you may do well in acting or directing. Moreover, you are destined to be lucky financially with the possibility of winning or inheriting a large sum of money at some time in your life.


  4. Lucky numbers

    1, 4


  5. Lucky colors

    Green, orange


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