February 23 Horoscope
  1. About

    Pisceans with birthdays February 23rd are blessed with a lot of awesome qualities, which makes them a desirable partner and friend.  They are considerate, attractive, generous and optimistic. Being very intellectual, determined and ambitious, they are able to do many tasks at the same time, under pressure. However, their moodiness makes them sometimes unpredictable and hard to be understood. 

  2. Personal relationships

    For a Pisces, the people born on the twenty third of February have many friends because of their out-going and generous nature. However, love can be a problem with them because of their fluctuating mood swing.  They can be enthusiastic and passionate in love one day, but the next day they can be indifferent to their mate. They should look for someone who can accept and sympathize with them. 

  3. Career and finances

    With their abilities to multitask and restless energy, they can perform well in their field. Furthermore, they are anticipated to make a great humanitarian thanks for their generous and compassionate nature. They are good at making and handling money. Those individuals are very likely to lead a comfortable life.  

  4. Lucky numbers

    Number 5 : This number represents travel, adventure, and motion

    Number 7 : It stands for activation of imagination and mystery

  5. Lucky colors

    Green : It symbolizes life, nature

    Orange : It stands for intellect, optimism and social communication.


  6. Health

    Those people have a good taste and find fun with cooking. It is a good habit for their health. Illnesses experienced by those people are usually related to stress and anxiety. Sometimes, they keep worrying about something unnecessary. Doing exercise and a healthy diet can help them deal with their health problem. All in all, they do not need to worry much about their health.


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