February 25 Horoscope
  1. About

    Those with birthdays February 25th are sensitive, attractive and creative Pisceans. An artistic ability and self-confidence are bestowed on them. Moreover, they are very curious and strongly attracted by anything new or extraordinary. They commonly love traveling and adventures. To them, adventures and traveling offer them challenges, new thing and give them chance to satisfy their curiosity. Being especially optimistic and humorous help most of individuals with a February 25th birthday lead a happy life. 

  2. Personal relationships

     Individuals with a February 25th birthday do not have many friends. However, luckily, their friends are usually truthful, supportive. In friendship, trust and loyalty are valued over anything else. They can make friends and become a close friend with any people from all walks of life as long as they share the same interests. It is true to their romantic matters, too. They are romantic and enthusiastic in love. Furthermore, they are very loyal and expect loyalty back from their mate. An ideal mate will be someone who is faithful and shares the same interest with them. 

  3. Career and finances

    People born on this date often choose to make their living with their imaginative and artistic quality. Some of them are also appealed to teaching and counseling job.  Money is secondary in importance to them, but they have ability to handle it. They choose a profession, not because money but their hobby. Not many people can do this!

  4. Lucky numbers

    Number 7 : It stands for activation of imagination and mystery

    Number 9 : It represents accomplishment, success and inventiveness



  5. Lucky colors

    Indigo : This is the color of wisdom and dedication

    Turquoise : This is the color of balance, peace and imagination

  6. Health

    These individuals have a good taste and usually cook very well. They enjoy food but are selective when eating.  Those people commonly like cooking by themselves rather than going out a meal. They do care about their physical attractiveness and health but rarely pay attention or exercise on regular basis.


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