January 31 Horoscope
  1. About

    Individuals born on January 31st belong to Aquarius. If you have this birthday, you are presumed to honest, intelligent and imaginative nature. According to astrology, the ruling planet of this particular day is Uranus making you be the most intuitive and humanitarian of all Aquarian water bearers. You possess wonderful mix of a bright logical mind and a fantastic imagination. It is believed that you are independent, and strongly desire affection and the companionship of others.  People born specifically on January 31st are attractive with their intellectual, purposeful and mentally alert nature. 


  2. Personal relationships

    Aquarians born on the thirty first day of January are always worried about rejection. You believe your soul mate is fated and will listen to your instincts to make decisions about love. When it comes to love, you tend to rely on and trust implicitly someone who can make you happy such as your friend and lover. You seek for stability and security in a long term relationship as well.  


  3. Career and finances

    Individuals with a January the thirty first birthday find choosing a career difficult as they have so many talents at different fields thanks to your charitable and compassionate nature and your ability to learn quickly. Jobs where your efforts will gain appreciation and you do not feel pressured to complete tasks to strict timetables might be suitable for you. Individuals with this specific birth date seem to be smart at handling their budget problems and sometimes better at arranging other peoples.


  4. Lucky numbers

    4, 13, 22, 31, 40, 49, 58, 67, 76

  5. Lucky colors

    Electric blue, electric white, multi-colours


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