July 6 Horoscope
  1. About

    People born on the 6th of July are charming, down to earth and sociable with the typical helpful nature of all Cancerians. Having a heightened sense of touch and a dislike of solitude or disharmony, they are easygoing and family oriented. These crabs’ strong character is a mixture of friendliness, receptivity and creativity though they possess a noticeable streak of stubbornness which may cause them to act in an impatient and blunt manner. Longing for emotional intimacy and lifelong connection to the partner, these Cancerians will become ideal spouse and affectionate parent. The achievement of successful interactions with other and a solid home base are often at the top of their list of priorities. When it comes to career choice, rate of pay plays a big role in their consideration as they want to make much money to afford their extravagant taste and they would fit in business or investment jobs with their strong intuition and ambition. These crabs sometimes are tempted to spend money before they make it and they are not good at handling their finance. 


  2. Personal relationships

    Crabs born on the sixth day of July is typically intensely naturally caring and protective with an idealistic view of romance. They generally have traditional values about marriage and commitment as well as crave for emotional intimacy in their life and close connection with their soul mate. Long term companionship is significant to them and if it breaks, their confidence can be greatly injured. As a partner, they are tactfully thoughtful, romantic and usually full of loving words and frequent displays of affection. These crabs are likely to put lots of importance in harmony and comfort within a love partnership so it is rare for them to be purposefully argumentative. Their lusty sex drive helps them keep the physical side to a relationship fresh, erotic and plenty of fun. They are also open-minded and sensitive friends. 

  3. Career and finances

    Rate of salary can be a big influence on career choices to individuals born on the sixth of July as they usually have extravagant tastes. They are happy to work really hard to acquire a comfortable lifestyle and see substantial material rewards for their efforts. The type of tasks a job involves is often unimportant as long as it is not too humdrum due to their low tolerance of boredom and need to keep busy. They would perform well in investment or business where they can get high benefits and stay busy. When it comes to finances they are ordinarily not adept at budgeting and can sometimes be tempted to spend money before they have it. Saving is something they could find difficult especially in their youth. 

  4. Lucky numbers

    4 & 6

  5. Lucky colors

    Cream & Pink 

  6. Health

    Those born in July 6 usually take up healthy habits from an early age but their emotions can play a big part in disturbing the usual robust condition of their health. In order to compensate for unhappy or fatigued states they tend to eat or drink too much. Adequate relaxation time and regular breaks are the best way to combat these inclinations to overindulge. They should try and keep active to avoid a proneness to poor circulation or achy joints. 

  7. Lucky days

    Monday & Friday


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