July 11 Horoscope
  1. About

    Cancerians born on the 11th of July are kind and generous with a fondness for company but like all crabs they can be a bit of a loner too. Having a slight inferiority complex, they strongly dislike the bossiness or unwelcome advice. Loving peace and possessing diplomatic temperament, they tend to do all they can to avoid arguments or unpleasantness and good at working around problems. These crabs are able to blend in well in any environment or situation. However, they are a little lazy, untidy, blunt and sulky. Individuals with a July the eleventh birthday are usually highly creative with an excellent head for business, heaps of ambition and proficient managerial skills. Their friendly nurturing nature truly values family, home and friends and enjoys helping others. They believe that success should be measured in their degree of happiness rather than confined to materialistic gains and their biggest aspiration above all others is often simply to be content within relationships you have with loved ones.

  2. Personal relationships

    Crabs born on the eleventh day of July are romantic, incredibly loving and a little overemotional. Companionship is immensely important to them despite their quite self sufficient stance and they crave for affectionate attention and flattery. They sometimes are likely to self pity. These Cancerians seek a soul mate with whom to share their deepest emotions, aspirations and fantasies from an early age. They require a thoughtful supportive partner and a close intimate physical and mental connection with someone they love and trust to feel complete and fulfilled. Their sense of pride makes them concerned about their appearance and long to make their home base as comfortable and stylish as possible. In a long term long companionship, they are warm and generous partner though may be a little opinionated, untidy and occasionally sulky. They will become wonderful workmate and friend who can be relied upon when it really matters.

  3. Career and finances

    People born on the eleventh of July usually know what kind of work they wish to do so they are likely to make decision on occupation easily. They have a need to feel emotionally involved while working and so inclined to be very unhappy and uninspired in a unfulfilling profession. They will work well in business and management field. Although financial recompense is not a primary concern, they still yearn for the comforts and luxuries possible in life. How content and settled they are will decide their spending. They can spend frivolously in order to cheer them up when they are low and blue as well as can save for the future when they are in good mood and contented.

  4. Lucky numbers

    2 & 9

  5. Lucky colors

    Blue & Silver

  6. Health

    Personal unhappiness or imbalance will affect the optimum healthiness of people born on July 11. They may suffer from tension type headaches and possibly a loss of their usual hearty appetite. They like to look fit and healthy but are not destined to be overly keen on exercising. It is suggested that they take exercise in many forms to find it fun and enjoyable. 


  7. Lucky days



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