July 12 Horoscope
  1. About

    Cancerians born on July 12 are expressive, cheerful and bright. They have the talent to effectively communicate though having a contrary spirit. People like them but sometimes they feel as though they are not understood, anyway they are still sociable and charismatic friends. Crabs born on this day are fun to be around as they are spontaneous. Having creativity, curiosity and ambition to make a difference, they are usually humble and desire the touch of a warm and loving hand. They are affectionate and romantic in love though they can be domineering and stubborn due to their own insecurities. These crabs enjoy their home and would like to share it with someone very special who is selected thoroughly. They are naturally intuitive learners and have the aptitude to learn multiple things at once. Being expressive, creative and determined, these Cancerians have unlimited potential and many other career choices. Whatever job they decide to do, they will likely have secure job placement with a substantial salary and benefit package.

  2. Personal relationships

    Crabs born on the twelfth day of July are reluctant to break away from family for romance and long term commitment. This hesitancy concerning love is accompanied by their idealism in choosing a partner and sometimes overly high expectations from a soul mate companionship. Despite strongly craving for affection and someone with whom to intimately share a special emotional unity, they are likely to be fussy and indecisive about settling down too soon. In a loving serious relationship they are usually protective, sympathetic and rarely fearful of responsibility. A peaceful home life is important to them so they try and avoid tensions due to their flexibility and willingness to compromise. Being criticized or having their intelligence insulted are really the only things that may cause them sulky. 

  3. Career and finances

    People born on the twelfth of July are likely to work in any of the caring professions due to their deep concern for others. Their fondness for communicating in a creative and considerate way helps them brighten up a workplace atmosphere and be great to work with or for. The Cancer zodiac sign born on this day are also sensitive artists, authors, music composers, and possibly clairvoyant due to their expressive and creative fortes. They desire a decent salary and some financial security from their job choice though money is usually fairly low on their list of priorities because they do not require large amount of money to feel secure. These crabs are budget conscious and prefer to have something set aside for unexpected expenses.

  4. Lucky numbers

    1 & 3

  5. Lucky colors

    White & Blue

  6. Health

    People with zodiac birthdays July 12 usually care about other people but do not take good care of themselves and may encounter stresses. They may encounter with some skin problems and allergies. These crabs are advised to take their mind off their troubles and partake in a picnic along the lake or other outdoor activities which will help them relax.

  7. Lucky days

    Monday & Thursday


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