July 19 Horoscope
  1. About

    Cancerians born on the 19th of July are proud, wise, freedom loving and humorous. They have a quiet sweet nature but impulsive pioneering spirit with heaps of persistence, courage and a sense of adventure.  Like other crabs, their emotions tend to be a little sensitive, cautious and guarded. They are also a bit of a perfectionist and may try to judge others by their own high standards. Fond of travel and adventurous, they will follow their sharp instincts when chasing hopes and wishes. In love, they are fully devoted and caring partner and take the lead. Their ideal soul mate is prone to be a nurturer as they are. These people are likely to perform well in health care, banking or investment sector as they are often particularly good at motivating others and highly receptive and intuitive.

  2. Personal relationships

    Crabs born on the nineteenth day of July are sentimental about romance and falls in love deeply and wholeheartedly. Their nurturing kind temperament makes them a generous, loyal and highly supportive partner. However in personal relationship, the lead is theirs and they prefer doing things their way. They long for loving companionship with someone who shares their interests and where they do not have to sacrifice their individuality too much and they will secure this partnership with pampering and a lifelong friendship. In the bed room, they are gentle and considerate and make their partner feel loved with pampering.

  3. Career and finances

    People born on the nineteenth of July tend to make career choice based on job satisfaction and purpose. Driven by focused perseverance they seem to need a job that feels worthwhile and fulfills their yearning to help and encourage others. The feeling that they get from seeing encouraging faces after being helped is payment enough. A career in some type of communications or one of the caring professions is often a popular choice. Besides, a career in investments or banking would prove interesting and perhaps, profitable. These crabs are usually careful and frivolous when finances are concerned and they are able to handle their budget. Saving a nest egg for the future and large investments in property are contemplations they generally appear to put off until middle age.

  4. Lucky numbers

    1 & 8

  5. Lucky colors

    Orange & Yellow

  6. Health

    Health of those born with July 19th birthday is often linked to their emotional happiness but they are adept at taking care of themselves and likely to opt for healthy foodstuffs. It is suggested that they should getting enough sleep which is good for physical and mental well being. 

  7. Lucky days

    Monday & Sunday


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