March 18 Horoscope
  1. About

    Pisceans born specifically on March 18 are commonly full of charm and creativity together with intellect. They are beloved by people round them as a result of their friendliness and a warm heart. A love for exploring new things and challenges can make them restless and easily get bored if they have to do something old or ordinary. Their sensitiveness can help them generate a constant stream of new ideas. March 18 natives are also very sensitive and loyal, so they are very emotionally vulnerable and need a long time to recover when the people they hold dear betray them. 

  2. Personal relationships

    March 18 natives are likely to be very romantic, affectionate and quite sentimental. Their soul mate benefits from their devotion and sacrifices. However, not many people are lucky enough to become their lover. This is because March 18 natives are anticipated to selective in choosing a soul mate and not very easily to fall in love with someone. Love at first sight is what they rarely experience because they expect their lover to be able to understand them most. Their ideal soul mate should be someone who is warm, loving, sweet and understanding.



  3. Career and finances

    March 18 natives are very career-oriented and know very clearly what they want to do very early. They feel the need to expand the greatest amount of their energy on getting to the top of their profession and enjoy the feeling of being appreciated and admired by people around them. With their imagination, they can excel in any fields which can utilize their gift. These individuals have talents for managing financial affairs. They also are likely to put a lot of money aside to save for rainy days

  4. Lucky numbers

    Number 3 : It symbolizes creativity, reward and success

    Number 6 : Sixes represent harmony, forgiveness, love and truth.

  5. Lucky colors

    Pink : It stands for love and beauty

    Lilac : It represents love, knowledge and peace



  6. Health

    These individuals belong to the type of the people who do not take good care of their health. They do not listen to their body messages and usually ignore them. Illness experienced by those who were born on March 18 usually resulted from stress and exhaustion. They can be overloaded or exhausted but keep going on. Exercising on regular basis and adequate rest are beneficial to them. If they can reduce their stress level and balance their workload, they will rarely suffer from illnesses.


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