March 20 Horoscope
  1. About

    March 20 natives are lucky enough to be blessed with so many talents that they usually gain much attention as well as admiration from other people around them. Their sense of humor makes them be the centre of attention and easily make new friends. Moreover, March 20 natives are believed to be very sympathetic and be able to offer a shoulder for their family and friends to lean on whenever in trouble. Unlike other Pisceans, people born specifically on March 20 are usually the sort of people who reach mental and emotional maturity very early. Therefore, impulsiveness and spontaneity are something they hardly experience. Actually, they are very decisive and strong minded people who hold a strong belief about their opinions.

  2. Personal relationships

    Those people commonly are anticipated to be a very desirable friend and soul mate. However, they do not want to make friends with many people. It does not mean that people do not want to make friends with them, in fact, they love to. The matter is that they love to keep a certain amount of time for themselves and are kind of selective when choosing a person to put in their friend circle. About love affairs, they are quite shy and unconfident. They are not the sort of people who are good at flirting even when they love to. Therefore, they can lose some opportunities and they never stop regretting about this fact. Once they fall in love, they demonstrate a loving, generous and sacrificing nature. Because they are quite selective, their potential mate needs to be someone with both physical and mental attraction to them. 

  3. Career and finances

    A suitable working arrangement to people born on March 20 is usually one that allows them to demonstrate their creativity. The people and environment round them can be their main stream of inspiration for their imagination. Despite the fact that they are a real imaginative sort of people, they are definitely not a dreamer. In fact, they can come up with many practical and innovative ideas. Careers in writing, music or art are likely to be a common choice. These people have a good taste and enjoyment of life. Therefore, spending money comes easily to them, as long as they want to. Therefore, sometimes, they find it hard to balance their budget. They should have someone to take care of their financial matters.

  4. Lucky numbers

    Number 5 : This number represents travel, adventure, and motion

    Number 2 : This number represents kindness, tact, equalization and duality

  5. Lucky colors

    Maroon: It is the color of courage, strength and healing

    Silver : It is related to the moon- it stands for sensitive, mysterious and emotional

  6. Health

    Illnesses experienced by March 20 natives are commonly related to their health ignorance. They do not pay much attention to what they are eating is whether good for their health or not. They just enjoy what they like and what is convenient for them. Moreover, March 20 natives are anticipated to be allergic to some certain kind of food. Moreover, these individuals need to be careful with their amount of alcohol intake because they are very likely to be a close friend with a bottle of wine when in depression. 


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