March 25 Horoscope
  1. About

    Born on March 25, you are independent, creative, sympathetic but shy and reserved. As compensation, you are very good at communication and social skills, which may sometimes make you shine or become the center of attention at parties or social gatherings. It seems that your energetic personality inspires peoples round, and earns you many followers and admirers.

  2. Personal relationships

    An Aries born on March 25 may have many social friends but a few close ones because it is hard for you to share deep inner feeling with others. A perfect soul mate for you must be warm, attentive and understanding. When committing a real relationship, don not surprise if you may show an incredible romance and give the partner all you have.

  3. Career and finances

    Naturally good at communication, jobs related to fields such as business, politics, management, advertising, sales or marketing, are a popular choice to a person born on March 25. When choosing a work, salary rates will be an important factor to you but not as essential as job satisfaction or progression. Besides, your ability to manage finances is regarded as a prominent strength. In fact, your financial incomings and outgoing is always under your close control.  

  4. Lucky numbers

    1, 7

  5. Lucky colors

    Red, Green 


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