March 28 Horoscope
  1. About

    People born specifically on 28th March are believed to be bubbly, enthusiastic, and charming. In all matters of life, they display an excitement and passion that few people can match. This precious quality drives them to success easily, as they are always determined to be the best in whatever they do. There is a truth cannot be denied that they are natural leader in any team they join.


  2. Personal relationships

    In a long-term relationship, an Aries born on 28th March tends to be romantic, passionate and loyalty although they need constant stimulation to maintain their interest. They are quite hot blooded sexually and not shy of revealing their desire and will usually expect a partner not to be afraid of intimacy either. They like to keep a loving partnership fresh, exciting and happy with the giving and receiving of little notes and gifts expressing their feeling. Emotionally, they want someone who can equal their physical and intellectual pace and calm their contentiousness.

  3. Career and finances

    Work is very meaningful to a person born on 28th March, but they are unlikely to stay in the same working environment for life. An occupation in which they are not stuck in one place is more suitable for them, like business, sales, advertising, public relations, or marketing. Their specific birth date ordinarily makes them not especially good at managing finances or saving. 


  4. Lucky numbers

    1, 4

  5. Lucky colors

    Red, Gold


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