May 25 Horoscope
  1. About

    People born on May 25 are a Gemini under the ruling star of Mercury which symbolizes communication. As a matter of fact, these people are very good at communication and can utilize it in their job. Having an optimistic outlook of life, these people seem to lead a happy life and appreciate what they possess. Also, they are focused on their goal and do their best to get it. With this nature, they are likely to succeed. Besides, they are very fun to talk to and sensible to give others advice.


  2. Personal relationships

    Standards of May 25 natives are high in choosing friends and soul mate. As a result, they do not have many friends around. In friendship, they want to have a feeling of approval and appreciation. They feel incomplete without loving and being loved. They hate being alone for a long time. They really want to be in a relationship. To them, love adds something colorful to their life. A perfect soul mate needs to have an emotional connection with them

  3. Career and finances

    These people are usually quite well career- orientated. People born on May 25 do not make career decisions rashly. They are very practical and realistic about their chosen job. They can utilize their communication skill to earn a living. About money matters, these people are quite good at making money. 


  4. Lucky numbers


  5. Lucky colors

    purple, blue and green 


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