October 12 Horoscope
  1. About

    As a Libra born on October 12th, your characteristics are defined by your selfless and considerate nature. Individuals with an October the twelfth birthday are believed to be wonderfully expressive communicators who would not like to involve in any criticism. If you have this birthday, your ruling astrological planet is said to be Jupiter which makes you naturally inventive, insightful and witty. Along with your sharp mind that quickly understands information, you possess a bright, enthusiastic and sociable temperament. A combination of eloquent and tactful, charming and diplomatic nature can be the right words used to describe October 12 individuals. You come to life with full of optimism and confidence which help you attract lots of attention from others.


  2. Personal relationships

    Individuals with an October the twelfth birthday express a warm and generous nature together with a concern about love and romance. You will get “trust” from your friends since they know you won’t judge them or look at them differently. People from different cultures or backgrounds can be impressed with your unique, vibrant and diverse personality. You may be a person of freedom and afraid of a long term commitment, that’s why you need a special person who is able to persuade you to settle down. You expect an intimate mind and body connection from your perfect soul mate, who is as considerate as you are and especially can give you the personal space as you don’t want to be controlled.


  3. Career and finances

    When you are born specifically on the 12th of October, you are believed to be versatile on choosing a career path. Your quick and analytic mind would translate well in a career such as psychologist, therapist or many areas relating to justice. You could be easily adaptable in different environments and successfully deal with the requirements and responsibilities of most jobs. You need to find a well-paid job to cover your daily expenses and simultaneously an effective way to control your financial matter and avoid credit wherever possible. 

  4. Lucky numbers

    3, 12, 21, 30, 39, 48, 57, 66, 75


  5. Lucky colors

     Yellow, lemon, sandy shades


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