October 19 Horoscope
  1. About

    As a Libra born on October 19th, your personality is characterized by your analytical mind and your highly social nature. Individuals with an October the nineteenth birthday are typically persuasive, charming and persistent in addition to many unique characteristics of the usual Libra. Thanks to the ruling astrological planet for this particular day, our Sun, you possess an imaginative, warm and thoughtful nature. If you have this birthday, your intelligence, loyalty, curiosity are the right words which can be used to describe exactly your personality. You crave for knowledge, experience, and want to explore new things.  In spite of being stubborn, critical and sensitive, your friends and peers highly appreciate your creativity, sociability with much enthusiasm and great sense of humor. 

  2. Personal relationships

    People born on the nineteenth day of October are anticipated to be lovable, idealistic and romantic. If you come to a personal relationship, you highly expect a special closeness and the intimate sharing element from your partner. October 19 natives tend to be naturally loyal and passionately devoted. You become a good listener; always try to get to know more about your soul mate partner with the aim of improving and harmonizing a loving partnership. Your perfect soul mate should has a warm heart, kind and also share the similarities with you so that both of you can achieve a complete harmony.


  3. Career and finances

    Your natural warmth and thoughtfulness are areas of expression that sometimes help determine your favored type of work. You find it rewarding to dedicate your life to helping others; caring profession or a public service is commonly a popular work choice to a person born on the nineteenth of October. With your responsible and diligent well mannered attitude, you are believed to be a punctual and reliable worker in addition to your burning enthusiasm which helps you perform well in the working environment. October individuals are wise and bold with money; they know how to generate an extra income. 


  4. Lucky numbers

    Copper, gold

  5. Lucky colors

    1, 10, 19, 28, 37, 46, 55, 64, 73, 82


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