October 24 Horoscope
  1. About

    People born specifically on October 24th are believed to be confident, proud and decisive yet they are also considered to be more collaborative than other Scorpios. According to astrology, the ruling planet of this particular day is Venus which makes you sociable and sympathetic with capacity of encouraging and calming others. If you was born on this particular day, it is predicted that you are imaginative and aggressive so jobs related to art are quite suitable with you. Extremely determined, you are do not like to assure things you can not do yet you may be occasionally a bit critical because of your high and strict criteria. An October 24th Scorpio tend to be shrewd with good communication skill and usually notice small details. You are anticipated to be extremely faithful with a great disgust of aloneness. When you can not control situations, you may have tendency to react in an arrogant way.

  2. Personal relationships

    Those with an October 24th birthday are usually lead by emotion and tend to allow their heart to guide their mind. In spite of being one of the most romantic Scorpios, you have tendency to be afraid of hurting so you are undecided about committing a long term relationship. With your extreme love and devotion to your partner, you always seek for control of your emotions. An ideal soul mate ought to share common hobbies and passion as well as show no mysteries with you. Attractive and nice, you highly appreciate faithfulness so you may become a bit jealous and possessive at times. It is believed that you find hard to forgive your lover for betraying. 

  3. Career and finances

    It can be said that an October 24th Scorpio is usually attracted by a job involving dangerous or secretive tasks. This is due to your decisive and collaborative temperament. Your strong determination helps your become a responsible person while your aggressiveness and enthusiasm make you perform well in any kind of professions. People born specifically on October 24th are presumed to be cautious and shrewd in handling money that it is impossible for them to get in financial troubles. You have inclination to get some savings in case there are some unexpected expenses.

  4. Lucky numbers

    6, 15, 24, 33, 42, 51.

  5. Lucky colors

    White, Cream, Rose, Pink.


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