October 28 Horoscope
  1. About

    People on born specifically on the 28th of October belong to Scorpio. If you have this birthday, you are presumed to be smart, dynamic and prone to more straight than any other Scorpios. The ruling astrological planet for this birthday is our Sun, which give you nature of confident, shrewd and determined people. Fairly attractive, deeply sincere and faithful, you are anticipated to own an admirable trait of imagination and a sharp eye for line detail. Individuals with an October 28th birthday have tendency to naturally friendly but sometimes a bit reserved. You appear to be quite but internally, you possess an ambitious and passionate soul. Besides, you also obstinate and moody in disposition. It can be said that you are self-control, very inquisitive and observant with a prodigious memory. You are likely to be thoughtful and feel in manipulation; in addition, you tend to be well-prepared for the whole thing though sometimes this make you so serious about life.

  2. Personal relationships

    Men and women born on October 28th look for a partner who can always there for them even in miserable or happy condition. When you are young, you may be a bit demanding yet you tend to be more self-confident, more passionate and less jealously doubtful when being mature. Although sometimes you are moody and may be ask for solitude, your sensitive emotions lead you to be incredibly loving and perceptive with your partner’s demand. Faithful and devoted, people born specifically on the 28th of October are perfect partner that many looks for. You will be prevented from feeling solitary and lacking. If wanting to become your lover, a person have to understand and accept your disapproval of unfaithfulness, mess and complaining.

  3. Career and finances

    Individuals with an October 28th with their directness and decisiveness have no difficulties in choosing the most suitable work. If you was born on this particular day, you possess clear target and direction that make it easy for you to decide the job giving you great opportunities of expressing you competence and gaining high promotion. You seem to prefer the job that can provide you power to control and make decision. Natural responsibility in working help you become a hard and careful worker with much of your boss’s reliance. Spending money in a thoughtful way, you are seldom in trouble related to finance.

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  5. Lucky colors

    Brown, olive, grey


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