September 28 Horoscope
  1. About

    People born on September 28 are magnetic, highly seductive, imaginative and sensitive Libras who have the ability to wrap almost anyone they desire around their finger. These people will always be able to charm the birds off the trees but the key to their success and happiness will never be their seductive warmth but their will-power. It is a common occurrence among those born on today that with all the good birthdate characteristics, some people will not much favour September 28 Libras. 

  2. Personal relationships

    September 28 individuals are usually the peacemakers in the family. When seeking for a partner, they tend to look for someone who is success driven and additionally has an artistic mind, dislike drama and egotistical people. Charming and attractive, these Libras are masters at the art of flirtation and seduction and will often be surrounded by all kinds of. However, they prefer a relationship that provides balance and peace to their inner being. In a relationship, they can also be masters of the art of manipulation, and have the ability to inflict pain as they are of giving pleasure.

  3. Career and finances

    These natives could be compatible for many different professions. Normally, they could find career that reflect their personality and character. They are a natural fit for the advertising market, media or publishing. They could easily be editors for some infamous magazines. A career that offers these Libras the opportunity to travel is much likely as they love adventure. On the subject of finances, they could learn to live on a budget.

  4. Lucky numbers


  5. Lucky colors

    Purple and green


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